About Us

About Us

Watchtower S Detectives Stared since 1990,Headed by Kunwar Vikram Singh a Renewed Dectective & private Investigator and Executive director of Certified Private Detectives Associations India provide services directly to the client side with different segments of investigations, in the field of private detectives,pre-post investigations,divorse cases,Under Cover Operations,Survelliance Operations,Pre & Post Matrimonial Enquiry Our investigations are carried out lawfully, morally upholding the highest level of confidentiality at all times. We network daily with private investigators globally allowing us to take on cases in most if not all countries throughout the world. Here at Greves we ensure all our investigators are up to date in all changes in legislation and working practices. We are continually attending relevant courses to stay within these boundaries and have taken many examinations to reflect this

We specialize in the investigations of computer forensics, network intrusion, and we offer a wide range of cyber-security consulting and forensic services. These specialised services include legal computer evidence recovery, network architecture vulnerabilities, counter-data surveillance, e-mail tracing, internet crimes, network penetration testing, and all other legal investigations involving computer evidence.

Our Mission

1) Be to partner of choice for all our customers in all the markets in which we do business.
2) Attract, challenge and retain the most capable people in our industry.
3) Respect the communities and environment in which we operate.
4) To provide a service and protect to our clients at all costs and under all circumstances under our control, using integrity and confidentiality as our prime philosophy.
5) To contribute towards making a crime free society.
6) To empower the community in the awareness of security and prevention through education. We have efficient and dynamic staff with us, who are controlling the entire activities or our personal wherever they are work for specific job via security, cleaning and sanitation etc.

Our Vision

1) The vision of “Watchtowers S Detectives” is working together to realize the
aspirations of our customers.

2) To provide technology enhanced security interventions to investigate, control and manage
both actual and suspected security violations and contraventions.

Investigations Services:

Personal Investigation
        Post Matrimonial
        Extra Marital Affairs 
        Missing Person
        Divorce Cases

Forensic Investigation
        Signature Verification
        Handwriting Operation
        Thumb Verification

Corporate Investigation
        Employee Verification
        Undercover Operation
        Piracy Investigation
        Sting Operation
        Labour Court
        Debt Recovery
         Brand Protection
         Skip Tracing