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Private Investigations

Private investigators or detectives carry out confidential investigations and checks on individuals for companies, a public group, attorneys, and individual clients. They may be required to trace a lost relative, beneficiary or missing person, investigate an insurance claim, or work undercover. Private investigators use many different surveillance methods and search methods to find out important facts in many different matters. They gather as much information as possible by telephone, surveillance, doing background checks, interviewing and talking to people. They assist and work with businesses, attorneys, individuals and the public with financial, legal and personal issues, give evidence at court hearing and often work undercover to observe people suspected fraud or other undesirable or illegal actions.

Survelliance Operations

As A "Constant - watch" or the secretive , close and continues observations of persons Once investigators decide that surveillance is appropriate, their agency's policy will determine what levels of authorization are needed and how to allocate the necessary resources to the surveillance. Agencies should coordinate planned surveillances on a strict "need-to-know" basis. At the onset, case managers, in conjunction with the physical surveillance, should consult technical services personnel to explore the feasibility of employing various measures, such as the use of video concealments, remote video, or tracking devices. Employing technical coverage or aircraft can function as force multipliers and enhance overall effectiveness, which can make the difference in obtaining productive results.


Authentic Investigation Worldwide offers a comprehensive insurance claim investigation service and verification services that comes with the assurance of high reliability and efficiency. The service conducted by us pertains to insurance claims and insurance frauds. We backed by skilled team have handled plenty of such cases in past where we found that many claimants would claim the money from insurance company on false documents of death certificate. Our team of experts specializes in handling insurance claims verification service that can help you identify fraudulent activities. Our team of professional investigators works closely with the legal team and the claims department of the company with the only objective to protect it from insurance frauds.

Cyber Investigations

We specialize in the investigations of computer forensics, network intrusion, and we offer a wide range of cyber-security consulting and forensic services. These specialized services include legal computer evidence recovery, network architecture vulnerabilities, counter-data surveillance, e-mail tracing, internet crimes, network penetration testing. all other legal investigations involving computer evidence.

Hand-Writing&Finger Prints Check

Hand writing check and finger prints check cases are mostly common in corporates and in property related cases. It has been observed that especially in corporates, many cases occur of signatures not done by the authorized person, theft, and many other things like that. It becomes very tough in such cases to know who is behind all this as no forensic experts are sitting in the office to deal in such cases.

labour Court Cases With Prooof

Our organization is a fast growing investigation company with a specialization in the field of LABOUR COURT CASES. As in this age of frauds and cheating, if the entrepreneur, due to any reason, kicks-off any of his staff, he straightaway goes to the Labour Court. As a result, the company owner and their officials are forced to divert their attention from the main productive or business-developing work.

Divorce Cases With proofs

Considering the present day scenario, the way the sanctity of marriage is losing out its essence, it is no surprise that many marital partners are calling it quits and deciding to walk different ways. If you too seem to be battling a similar situation, Delhi Detectives India is the place to be to solve all your worries.


1. About Subject Person a. Charecter & love affairs B. Habit & Behaviors c. business / Professional Income d. Friends circul e. vices & addictions or spl by Clients 2. About Family a. Family backgorund, b. Details of members c. Nature & attitude of members, d. Social & financial status.

Under Cover Operations

Our access to a network of covert companies, which are fully supported by credit facilities, secretarial services and physical locations enables us to adopt elaborate backgrounds in order to penetrate the target organization.